Jean-Claude Boisset

Jean-Claude Boisset

About Jean-Claude Boisset

Located in Nuits St. Georges, the Jean Claude Boisset winery was first set up in 1961 by a 17-year old genius winemaker, Jean Claude Boisset. Today, this winery is home to some of the most popular wines in the world. One of the major highlights of this winery is that it is located in an almost unnoticeable place (which was a Ursulines convent earlier) so that authentic wines are created with the least bit of human intervention.

Within 30 years from starting his winery, Jean Claude Boisset tasted phenomenal success in his business. In a short period, he went on to become the third biggest winemaker in France. The farming methods used in the vineyards are here very organic, which makes their wines, especially those from the Burgundy Collection, authentic and special.

The grapes are carefully harvested based on their maturity date before they are exposed to manual sorting. The cellar room contains 41 vats made from wood; this is where the grapes are kept for 6 to 7 days for the cold-fermentation process. There are close to 18 barrels in the cellar room, and the fermented wines are then sent for the packing process.

Jean Claude Boisset winery is home to some of the famous red and white wines. Regardless of the type of wine it produces, the winery is very particular that the process is 100% natural. No yeasts, enzymes or tannins are used in the maturation process because the winery stands true to its mission even today – to ensure that the resultant wines represent the true character and flavour of the fruits.

This winery contains a collection of 39 white wines and 52 red wines that are neatly processed and packed in the most authentic way possible. Some of the most popular wines of this area are Aloxe-Corton Premier Cru “Les Valozieres” and Bourgogne Aligote.

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