Jean Perrier et Fils

Jean Perrier et Fils

About Jean Perrier et Fils

The prestigious Perrier family of France has been making wines since 1853 in the Savoie and Alps regions. Today, the wines created by this family are known all over the world, thanks to their authenticity and tradition. Currently, the Perrier Wine Estate is managed by the 7th generation of this culture-rich family. The best part of this estate is that there are separate plots for cultivating some of the precious red & white varietals.

The vineyards are spread across 69 hectares, where you will notice some rare red & white varietals that you cannot easily find anywhere else. The clayey limestone soils are suitable for growing rich and rare whites such as Abymes, Apremonte, Jacquere and Chignin. In the Chambery city, the granite-rich and clay-limestone soils of the vineyards are suitable for growing the rare reds such as Mondeuse, Jongieux, Gamay, Arbin and Chautagne.

The Savoy wines are created in the vineyards known as Savoyard. Today, the total production of wines created from here is a whopping 135000 hectolitres! Out of these, around 67% are white wines and the remaining 33% are red wines. In the Savoyard, you can find four appellations segregated to produce different labels. They are Seyssel, Crepy, Savoy and Roussette de Savoie.

Some of the popular white wines of this label are:

Cremant de Savoie – 85% Jacquere and 15% Chardonnay grown on the appellation of Savoie

Chignin Bergeron Macon – made from Roussane or Bergeron varietals grown on the hillsides of the Chignin, Francin and Montmellan municipalities

Some of the popular red wines are:

Gamay de Chautagne – made from Gamay varietal grown in Lac du Bourget

Mondeuse Arbin Seed of Terroir – made from Mondeuse grown towards the side of the Savoyard

All the fruits are hand-harvested and fermented in temperature-controlled barrels for excellent flavours and aroma. This is why these wines are loved all over the world.

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