Jérémie Huchet

Jérémie Huchet

About Jérémie Huchet

Jérémie Huchet, established by a rising fourth-generation winemaker of the same name, is a famous winery located in Domaine de la Chauvinière in France. In 2001, Jérémie took over his family estate and immediately began the pursuit of his own company. He purchased a few vineyards of the highest quality. Then, he gradually started converting them to viticulture via organic farming. He followed, respected, and committed his operations to the ancient traditions of Muscadet. It gave him a better understanding of each plot he handled. It allowed him to make wines that transcend the limitations of space.  

Jérémie works with an inordinate philosophy. He believes that the intelligence of a winemaker and grower lies in his discerning ability and observation. To work with his faith, he takes walks in his terroirs and hand-harvests and observes the vines. Along with the other workers, he ensures regular maintenance of the plants without chemical fertilizers and their replacement after death. These systems of sustainable agriculture began in 2001 and have continued since. Overall, Jérémie Huchet respects the living organisms that dwell in the soil and aims to work with them in a mutually beneficial relationship. All these preserve the integrity and features of the location. 

The vineyards owned by Jérémie Huchet enjoy a mild climate indigenous to maritime areas. The soil comprises granite and coarse sand primarily. The influence of the Loire and the Atlantic Ocean also play a significant role. These factors facilitate the growth of the grapevines and ensure high-quality berries capable of making the best wine. The winery performs vinification in stainless steel tanks for the entire process. The produced wines have a fresh, smooth, and fruity flavour. They have the aroma of red, ripe fruit and cherry colour and possess a light and juicy taste with a refreshing mouthfeel.

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