About Jermann

Stefanus moved to the settlement of Bilijana in the 18th century, first from Austrian Burgenland (today, Slovenia). Anton Jermann, Silvio's great-grandfather, also relocated from Bilijana to Villanova later in 1881. Quality year after year, creativity, a great sense of pride in his ancestry, respect for his family, led Anton the elder, the patriarch, to move his hamlet between the boundaries of Slovenia and Austria in 1881 to establish roots in Friuli. 1971-1973 After taking a study sabbatical abroad, Silvio Jermann, the son of Angelo and Bruna, and an oenology student of both Conegliano and San Michele, reshaped the Jermann winery by founding Vintage Tunina. 1975 Vintage Tunina's official release, which quickly developed a cult following and effectively set Jermann's new trajectory. He is a man who never gave up on his dreams, and today his wine is everywhere.

The winery Jermann is situated in Fruili-Venezia Giulia, near the Austrian border in the northeastern region of Italy. 495 acres of premium vineyards and 49 hectares of arable land make up their estate's current total of 544 acres. Its focus is white wines created from domestic and foreign grape types, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Bianco, Franconia, and many more. A total of 420 acres are planted in vines, and the sandstone and marl soil generate the fresh, juicy grapes used to make high-quality wines. There are two, one located in Villanova while the other is in Gorizia. The former is made to create Jermann's higher-end wines, whereas the latter creates the remainder of the line. 

Jermann's guiding principle is to save the environment and demonstrate its dedication to sustainability in numerous ways. This is demonstrated by the goals established for Jermann production, including a total avoidance of chemical residue, the use of genetically engineered species, and the highest level of sensitivity to the ecosystem and its biodiversity. They even stopped using chemical herbicides and pesticides and now exclusively employ organic substances, avoiding the usage of any preservatives.

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