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Jim Barry

About Jim Barry

Located in the Clare Valley region of Australia, the Jim Barry wine label was established during 1959 by Jim Barry. The wines produced by him were known for their unique character and flavour. When he started making wines in this region, he was the first qualified person to do so. His wines were mostly made from varietals such as Riesling, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Today, his family members have taken over this brand.

Run by the third-generation Barry member, this label still continues to uphold its tradition of unique winemaking. Over the last few decades, the Barry family has toiled hard to own its vineyards grow unique vines on them. Currently, the family has its vineyards in Clare Valley and Coonawarra. In Clare Valley, the 11 vineyards cover a total area of 260 hectares, whereas the two vineyards in Coonawarra cover an area of 35 hectares.

The beauty of these vineyards is that each of these vineyards is vastly different from one another in terms of soil quality, terroir, climatic conditions, height of the vines and more. Some of the popular vineyards from where Jim Barry wines are created are:

Armagh Vineyard – The Armagh Shiraz wine is not only considered as one of the best from this label, but one of the best of all Australian wines. This vineyard was first planted with Shiraz grapes in the year 1968.

Florita Vineyard – Famous for its Riesling vines, the Florita Vineyard is one of the most ancient of all the 11 vineyards in the Clare Valley. With its loamy clay and limestone soil, this land proves ideal to produce premium grape quality.

Lodge Hill Vineyard – Two famous wines from the Jim Barry label – Lodge Hill Riesling & Lodge Hill Shiraz are made from grapes grown here. Located in Clare Valley, this vineyard is at a height of 480m, which makes it ideal for growing full-bodied fruits.

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