About J'Noon

J'Noon is a winery located on the banks of the Nashik Valley in Maharashtra. Owned by Fratelli Wines Group, a company consisting of three sets of brothers, the winery was established in 2007 with a vision of creating eco-friendly wines. Since starting in 2017, J'Noon has aimed to develop wines through sustainable and environmentally sound practices. The brothers pursued their dream of producing quality wines while protecting the natural surroundings. 

The group included several sets of brothers who shared a passion for winemaking and producing wine to inte­rnational standards. Among them were the Secci brothers from Italy, who founded Fratelli wines, as well as the Sekhri brothers and Mohite Patil brothers. Each put forth thorough investigations to determine the optimum location for their vineyards. They concluded that the Nashik Valley offered favourable conditions including a climate and well-draining soil that could create high quality wines. Its landscapes provided just what they needed to cultivate their craft and see their vision through to completion. Undertaking their venture as a team, the brothers worked together towards their common goal.

Nashik Valley, which covers over 240 acres, forms the vineyard of J'Noon in India. The vineyards are located approximately six hundred metres above high sea levels; this is the best climatic zone for fruit bearing. Vineyards have been planted with many kinds of grapes, including Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, and Chardonnay.

Growing grapes, J'noon adopts friendly and green technologies. Natural farming techniques are applied for minimal application of chemicals and pesticides. Also, they use drip irrigation to save water and minimise waste. Winery has invested in solar panels for renewable energy production to reduce carbon emissions footprints.

It has modern equipment for wine-making processes. Then, grapes are carefully sorted out and crushed by hand. There are stainless steel fermenters and storage tanks in the winery. These wines undergo ageing in French oak barrels to get some flavour.

J'NOON harmoniously reflects modern culture and traditional values. It is unique due to its sustainability in making wine and its eco-friendliness. It is worth mentioning that the winery prioritizes the production of good wine and cares for the environment.

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