About Jordan

The story of the Jordan winery dates back to at least 300 years ago. Gary Jordan’s parents, Ted and Sheelagh, bought a property in the Stellenbosch region of South Africa in 1982, to grow some of the country’s soil and slope-specific grapes. In 1993, the husband and wife duo of Gary and Kathy Jordan started making internationally acclaimed wines from this region. Gary, a geologist, and Kathy, an economist, worked together beautifully to make wines that represented the true character of this region.

Before making wines from their scenic 164-hectare Stellenbosch vineyards, Gary and Kathy worked in some of the best international vineyards for a couple of years to use that experience in their hometown, when they came back in 1992 to build a cellar here. From the subsequent year onwards, they started making Jordan wines, characterised by their unique character, fruity essence, and classic elegance.

The uniqueness of Jordan wines comes mainly from the winemaking team working hard to strike a perfect balance between the natural features of the vineyards with innovative winemaking techniques. A sip of Jordan wines will tell you about the richness and exclusiveness about the Stellenbosch terroir, where the fruits are grown.

Chardonnay and Merlot are the main white and red varietals grown on the Jordan vineyards located at different altitudes on all the four directions of the region. The Jordan wine cellar is truly a class apart, as it is a perfect blend of New World and Old World architectural designs. Some of the impressive features here are state-of-the-art technology, natural gravity-flow system, different capacities of stainless steel fermentation tanks and designated barrel cellars for some special varietals.

Today, Jordan Wines stands tall, and as a perfect representation of its rich South African roots. The winemaking team at the estate continues to do a great job in preserving the natural richness of the soils and slopes through effective farm management techniques to produce terroir-rich wines consistently.

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