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Josef Chromy

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Josef Chromy Wines and Restaurant is located in Tasmania. It was set up by Josef Chromy, who fled from his hometown of Czechoslovakia when he was only 19 years. He did many small jobs before settling down to become a Master Butcher and Smallgoods Maker for 40 years, before he redefined the food and wine industry of Tasmania. 

After setting up and developing some reputed wineries in Tasmania such as the Bay of Fires, Tamar Ridge and more, Josef Chromy launched the Josef Chromy Wines brand when he was 76 years of age! This label was launched in 2007 and today, within a little more than a decade, this label has won many awards and accolades across the world.

The vineyard, from where the grapes are sourced for the Josef Chromy Wines, is spread across 61 hectares. The grapes produced here are of very high quality, thanks to its cool climate and the strict viticultural practices followed here. The vines are planted at a reasonable height of around 81 to 170m above sea level. The vineyard is blessed with a pleasant maritime climate, which makes it ideal for growing full-bodied grapes.

Within the same vineyard, you will find many soil qualities such as sandy, clayey, alkaline and the like. Thanks to these diverse soil types, this vineyard boasts of red and white vine plantations. Some of the common varietals planted are Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Located at Relbia, to the south of Launceston, the Josef Chromy winery is an architectural marvel, as it contains modern tools to get the maximum from the fruits. Vibrating hoppers for receiving the fruit, peristaltic pump for pumping the grapes, a sophisticated German press for maximum juice extraction, open-top fermenters with a pneumatic plunging device to ferment the red grapes, etc. are some techniques used here to retain the flavour and character of the fruit in the wines as well.

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