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Julicher Estate

About Julicher Estate

Founded by Wim Julicher, Julicher Estate is a boutique winery in Martinborough. It focuses on producing prestigious wines that offer a fresh fruity flavour. The history of the winery started when Wim planted the first vineyards on Te Muna Terraces. Since then, the Julicher family worked with utmost effort and dedication to establish a 20-hectare property filled with grapevines from nothing but bare land. 

The Julichers were originally immigrants that moved to New Zealand with little to their name. They aspired to make it big and create a significant impact in this new life. They made up with effort whatever they lacked in knowledge. Wim Julicher examined the vineyards by digging multiple holes. He planted every variety of available grapes to see which one suited the land the best. He got to learn about even the minutest details of the land through this process. It eventually helped him hit it big. 

Te Muna Terraces are one of New Zealand’s best terroirs. It provides a unique microclimate with alluvial and gravel soils that have a high mineral content. These conditions prove ideal for the cultivation of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The workers in the vineyards follow sustainable viticulture methods. These ensure that the land does not suffer from any detrimental effects. They eliminate and avoid the use of pesticides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers to preserve the natural quality and properties of the soil. 

The current owners and managers of the Julicher Estate are Warren Butterworth and Brad Butterworth. They believe in all the traditions and cultivation methods of the Julicher family and follow them meticulously. They aspire to take forward what their predecessors left behind but to a higher level. Nevertheless, in all their endeavours, they do not forget to dedicate their success to the founder of Julicher Estate, Wim Julicher.

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