About Kaiken

If you are a lover of wines that represent the true quality and character of the excellent terroir of Argentina, you will become a fan of Kaiken wines.  It took the efforts of famous Chilean winemaking expert, Aurelio Montes, the man behind the reputed Montes Winery brand, to set up Kaiken wines in the year 2001. Montes understood the immense potential of the Andes region that spans the best of Chile and Argentina. He also realized that the wine-rich Mendoza region was perfect for crafting Kaiken wines.

If you are wondering what Kaiken means, it is the name of a unique breed of goose that can be found commonly in the Andes region.  The Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon crafted here are considered to be one of the best in this area, as it contains the perfect blend of Chilean and Argentinian characteristics.  Currently, Kaiken Wines is managed by Aurelio Montes and his son.  The Montes family, along with a team of experienced and expert winemakers at the helm of the affairs, Kaiken Wines is now a respected brand among wine lovers across the globe.

Located in Vistalba, the Kaiken Winery is an ancient 80-year building, which is equipped with all the facilities to craft expert quality wines through modern yet traditional methods.  High-quality vintage concrete tanks are used for fermenting the wines, which helps to retain the maximum possible flavours of the fruits during winemaking. Wine tourism is an important activity here and you can book wine tours in advance to soak in the culture and natural extravaganza of the vineyards from where grapes are sourced for producing Kaiken Wines.  

The flagship wines of this brand are Malbec Rose and Merlot.  With the scenic view of the Andes Mountains in the background, the vineyards provide an old-world charm that is hard to ignore.

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