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Kanaan Winery

About Kanaan Winery

Kanaan Winery is one of the most famous boutique wineries in China. Established and managed by Wang Fang, the winery resides at the eastern foothills of Ningxia’s Helan Mountain. The esteemed winemaker is of Chinese-German descent who completed her winemaking studies at the Giessen University of Germany in 2000. In 2011, she moved to Ningxia and invited renowned German winemakers to established Kanaan Winery with her. Since then, the winery has received fame and recognition globally at a notable pace and rate. It even got jointly recommended by Bernard Burtschy, Ian D’Agata, and Jancis Robinson. 

Wang Fang has the nickname, Crazy Fang. It originated from her desire for establishing a full-fledged and operational winery without any prior experience in the field. Now, Kanaan Winery represents Wang Fang’s longing and devotion for high class and quality of the wine. It serves as an expression of her love for Ningxia and horses. The winery follows a horse theme and motif. It is a tribute to the ancient local term for horse or “Helan” and thus the Helan Mountains. Kanaan winery also accolades Wang Fang’s respect and love for Ningxia, her homeland. 

In the journey of Kanaan Winery’s establishment, Wang fang’s father had a considerable influence. He played a significant role in developing the viticulture processes and methods to produce high-quality wines in Ningxia. The vineyards he took care of and planted almost 15 years back serve as the base for the best wines in China now. It stands true for drinks from both Kanaan and other promising wine producers and makers in Ningxia. 

In today’s time, Kanaan Winery produces six distinct wines, four red and two white. The former comprises Wild Pony, Crazy Fang, Pretty Pony, and Black Beauty. On the other hand, the latter consists of Semi-Sweet White Wine and Riesling.

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