About Kanonkop

Kanonkop is one of South Africa’s most renowned wine estates run by the fourth generation of its founding family. The family-owned winery remains located in the region of Simonsberg in the city of Stellenbosch. It serves as a beacon of the area’s involvement and achievements in the wine industry for generations after generations.

The winery’s name, Kanonkop, comes from a hillock or kop lying on the Simonsberg Mountain. It is in a location above the estate. From that place, a canon or a kanon got fired sometime during the 17th century or the 18th century. It announced and signified the arrival of numerous sailing ships into Table Bay. 

Kanonkop got established back in 1929. However, it was not until 1973 that its first wine with its iconic label debuted. After that, the winery took about fifty years before it managed to gain and amass worldwide fame, interest, and recognition. The reason for it lies in the extreme turmoil and hard work of its founder, Paul Sauer. 

In recent times, the fourth-generation descendants of the founder, Paul Sauer, Johann and Paul Krige, possess the ownership rights of Kanonkop. They handle and manage all the work, systems, and operations related to the winery. 

Kanonkop believes in respecting the concept or notion of terroir during viticulture. They consider these qualities or influences of the climate, topography, and soil to be some factors of the utmost importance. They deem it so because they trust that these natural and environmental features directly affect the standard of the planted grapevines and the produced wines. For that reason, the workers in the vineyards of Kanonkop pay exceptional care to avoid damaging the surroundings and ecology of the land. The winery ensures so by minimising human interference and interaction in the fields unless where it is necessary. 

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