Kendall Jackson

Kendall Jackson

About Kendall Jackson

A small family-owned estate in California, Kendall Jackson’s history dates back to 1982. Jess Jackson, the estate’s founder, purchased the 80-acre plot located in Lake County, towards the north of Napa Valley in the early 1980s. He replanted the site with Chardonnay vines. The first-ever Chardonnay vines sold under the label Kendall Jackson won many laurels and made wine lovers sit up and take notice of this brand.

The Vintner Reserve, created by Jess, is still considered as one of the flagship wines of this brand. When the then president of the USA, Reagan, wanted Californian wines to be served at the White House, Kendall Jackson’s Vintner Reserve made its entry into Washington. The First Lady, Nancy was so obsessed with the taste and structure of this wine, that it came to be popularly known as Nancy’s wine in the coming years.

After the popularity of Vintner Reserve, Jackson wanted to experiment with his wine ranges. He then created the Grand Reserve collection of wines. This collection contained some of the scintillating wines made from a combination of the hillside, mountainside and Beachland grapes grown on some of the best coastal regions in California.

Today, Kendall Jackson is the chosen brand for Chardonnay wines, as the white grapes grown on these vineyards have excellent character and taste. Another distinction that Kendall Jackson owns is that it is the first and only American winery to share ownership with a stave mill in France. Are you wondering why Chardonnay from Kendall Jackson is so different and unique from the rest of the labels? It is because the grapes are aged and fermented in authentic French oak barrels.

This wine label started expanding soon after its inception. Jess entered into the wine markets of Alexander Valley and Sonoma County by purchasing huge plots of vineyards there. Even after Jess’s death in 2011, his winemaking values are followed with great passion and style at the wineries of Kendall Jackson today.

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