About Klippenkop

Located in the town and region of Robertson, Klippenkop is one of the most famous wineries in South Africa. The chateau got established in 1941 as a venture and endeavour when several families came together with the same aim and objective in the district of Cape Winelands. The winery derives its name from two separate terms- “klippen” and “kop.” The former is a topographical or geographical term that refers to a rock’s outcrop. On the other hand, the latter is a word that means head or hillock in the African language. 

Klippenkop makes world-class wines that have a delectable and refreshing taste. The superior quality of the winery’s products is thanks to the Robertson region, where its terroirs and vineyards remain present. The area receives ample sunlight at a suitable elevation above sea level. In addition, the region experiences an appropriate amount or degree of rainfall, enabling the grapevines to grow hearty and hale. The terroirs of the Klippenkop have clay soils to dark alluvial soils having a rich lime content. They provide the ideal parameters for viticulture when combined with the hilly and well-drained terrain of the area. 

While these factors contribute to the extraordinary taste of the wines, the people working in the vineyards and cellars also play a significant role. The staff at Klippenkop are knowledgeable about the art and process of vinification and viticulture. It allows them to carry out all the required steps effectively and efficiently. The workers pick the ripe grapes by hand to prevent damage and at the perfect time to allow the fruits to mature adequately. On top of that, the winery performs the temperature-controlled fermentation, pressing, and blending processes with scrutiny and care to ensure the best possible results. It allows Klippenkop to make wines that deserve the awards they win.

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