About Koomilya

The story of Koomilya started with the history of its founder, Stephen Pannell and a bell. When Stephen was 15 years old, he wandered off in an exploration away from his family, finding himself roaming across Busselton Jetty’s diving end. Standing on the edge of the Margaret River, he discovered and picked up a discoloured and old bell from the sea during scuba diving. Stephen got drawn to the object almost instantly as if it had called out to him. 

Later on, the identity of the bell revealed itself to be a part of the SS Koomilya. It was a ship that was in operation between South Australia and Western Australia in the early 1900s. It got used during the dark times of the Second World War. Stephen found this attribute and history intriguing and captivating. Today, the winery Koomilya derives its name from the object of its founder’s past. The term means “woman” in the Port Lincoln Aboriginal dialect. Stephen selected this name because it resonated with his idea of love with Mother Earth. He wished to grow something from nothing, turning it into an outstanding feat. He desired to do so with the belief he put behind the appellation. 

Stephen Pannell established Koomilya in his pursuit of guaranteeing that every single wine has a place to call its home and birthland, similar to the bell.  Today, the winery provides vineyards full of history, character, and mystery. Along the way, the founder’s attention to minute details and dedicated efforts solidified Koomilya’s winemaking journey. Stephen acquired the estate’s vineyard after a particular piece of 80-acre land on Amery Road captured his attention during his time as Hardys’ chief winemaker. Today, he is fulfilling and extracting the hidden potential of the vineyard with world-class wines that prove delectable to everyone’s taste.

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