Kudu Plains

Kudu Plains

About Kudu Plains

Located in the town of Paarl in the region and province of the Western Cape, Kudu Plains is a well-known wine estate in South Africa. The winery derives its name from the kudu antelopes. They are a species of animal having curled horns resembling corkscrews. They are common to the area and can get seen very often. 

The Western Cape province has been famous for its winemaking traditions and culture for a long time. Kudu Plains has inherited that ethos and philosophy since its establishment and continues to preserve it today. The long heritage of winemaking translates and represents itself into the wines produced by the winery. 

The Paarl town lies close to the Atlantic Ocean. It can thus receive the cool sea breeze. In addition, the area experiences a stark difference in temperature conditions between night and day. These factors, combined with ample sunshine and high rainfall, allow the vineyards of Kudu Plains to yield plump, sweet, flavourful, and juicy grapes. Subsequently, it enables the winery to produce and sell sophisticated and exceptional wines. 

Kudu Plains focuses on quality and excellence over quantity concerning its wines. The winery produces a limited range, no more than four different types and kinds of its products per year. It is so including both white and red wines. The wine estate works with specific grape varieties such as Colombard, Pinotage, and Chenin Blanc. It allows the Kudu Plains to make refreshing and delectable wines, each having unique and characteristic flavours and tastes. Irrespective of their differences, the winery’s products have a perfect and exceptional balance between tannins and acidity. On top of that, they retain and deliver a desirable aroma, colour, mouthfeel, and texture. Overall, the wines produced by Kudu Plains go well with several dishes and cuisine, including beef, meat, poultry, etc.

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