La Cantina Pizzolato

La Cantina Pizzolato

About La Cantina Pizzolato

If you love authentic and organic Italian wines, you have to taste the ones from the brand of La Cantina Pizzolato. Ever since 1991, all the wines crafted here have been certified as 100% organic.  Settimo Pizzolato, who currently owns the winery, is not only an expert winemaker but also an enthusiast of organic farming. 

Today, at the Pizzolato winery, no sulphates or preservatives are used in the winemaking process, to ensure that the wines are as natural and organic as possible. The winemaking team here is fully aware of the importance of protecting the natural system; therefore,  it doesn’t use any pesticides or artificial methods for crafting the wines. 

The new winery, set up as part of the Sustainable Winery Project, in Treviso, makes use of green energy and innovative techniques such as organic purifiers and automatic lighting to reduce wastage as much as possible and protect the environment of the winery. Photovoltaic solar panels, organic water purifier, use of Cansiglio beech, water recycling, use of reusable materials and sustainable architecture are some of the methods employed by the Pizzolato family to create world-class organic wines. These efforts haven’t gone unrecognized in the wine world, because the Pizzolato organic winery has been the recipient of many awards in the recent past.

Today, there are only a handful of wine brands that do complete justice to the project of sustainable wine production and La Cantina Pizzolato is one of them. The best part about this brand is that it continues to upgrade its winery and winemaking techniques to make the process more organic than ever. If you are interested in knowing the organic winemaking process, you can book a wine-tasting tour here. All the wines crafted here have been classified as vegan as well. So, if you are a practicing vegan, you don’t have to think twice before trying out the La Cantina Pizzolato wines!

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