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La Giustiniana

About La Giustiniana

If you are looking to taste an authentic and historic Italian wine that is steeped in rich heritage and culture, you will love the wines from La Giustiniana. The beautiful wine estate located in the Rovereto di Gavi territory in the wine-rich Piedmont area came under the control of the Giustiniani family during 1625. However, the history of this estate dates back to as early as 900AD, when it was recorded that the area of Grangia Bassignana was famous for producing wine.

Under the control of the Giustiniani family, the estate started getting a lot of attention and protection. Today, the family owns about 110 hectares, out of which 40 hectares are dedicated to high-quality vineyards. With all the vines planted at a height between 300 and 500m above sea level, these vineyards are cared for very well by the expert winemaking team here. The team adopts new winemaking methods in tandem with the centuries-old classic Piedmont winemaking styles to create wines that are classic, stylish and historical at the same time.

The Lugarara and Montessora vineyards are quite popular because this is where popular La Giustiniana crus are created. The cellar where the wines are stored is a perfect combination of ancient and modern techniques. Temperature-controlled Stainless steel tanks are used for maturing and fermenting the grapes, to produce wines that are loved by thousands of wine lovers in the region.

La Giustiniana wines are classified into three ranges based on the terroir where the fruits are grown. They are:

Lugarara – These wines are made from 100% Cortese varietal of grapes grown on the Lugarara vineyards located in Piedmont’s Roverto di Gavi region.

Montessora – These are also made from Cortese grown in the Montessora vineyards in the same region as above.

Ancient Lands – Cortese grape varietals that are grown on young vineyards located in Gavi, Rovereto and Piedmont areas.

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