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La Posta

About La Posta

Established in 2002, La Posta is a highly reputed and acclaimed winery in Argentina. The single-vineyard wine estate got established by a family of vine-growers and winemakers hailing from the city and capital, Mendoza. It got set up owing to the efforts and hard work of Laura and Nicolas Catena. The winery’s name, “La Posta,” translates directly to “the tavern.” It aimed to signify and depict a place where farmers and enthusiasts could come together to discuss various things about the soil, the planted grapevines, their distinct goals of achieving superior flavours, and their passions for the art and craft of winemaking through excellent and world-class wines.

The success and fame of La Posta are primarily thanks to two individuals’ hard work and determination. It entails the owner and founder, Laura Catena, and chief winemaker, Luis Reginato. Laura hailed from a winemaking family, making her well-versed in all facets and aspects of wine development and production. She aided Nicolas Catena, her father, in building Argentina’s eminence and prominence in the global wine industry. Her immense knowledge and talents allowed her to establish La Posta and operate the winery.

On the other hand, Luis is a renowned viticulturist and winemaker who made a name for himself at a young age. His family handled and worked with vineyards since the 1950s in the Uco Valley. He acquired his skills and knowledge from his father and brother, enabling him to deliver outstanding-quality grapevines.

Today, La Posta produces some of the best wines across the entire globe. The winery implements and incorporates sustainable practices and techniques across all its processes and methods. It does so to allow the land to retain its natural qualities. It, in turn, permits the wines produced by La Posta to express their terroirs in their true essence and standards.

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