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La Serre

About La Serre

Located in the small village of Saint Emilion, the Chateau La Serre Winery was constructed during the 17th century. Originally, these vineyards were owned by Albert Macquin; however, he sold the land to another family during the 1950s. Gradually, the ownership of this winery got transferred among various hands and currently, it is in the control of the d’Arfeuille family. Thanks to the various modernisation techniques that the family adopted, today this winery is a must-visit place for wine lovers.

You will get to know the latest winemaking method and techniques from the experts in this winery. The vineyards are set across a sprawling 72-hectare area. Out of the grapes cultivated here, 80% belong to the Merlot varietal and 20% belong to the Cabernet Franc varietal. Close to 6000 vines are planted per hectare here. This dense growth helps in growing high quality of grapes that are full of flavour and character.

Close to 2000 cases of wines are produced in the Chateau La Serre winery every year. The wines are aged appropriately in French oak barrels. The average time they are aged in these barrels is 16 months. The average age of the wines produced in this winery is 35 years. Here the soils are of different types – chalky, clayey and sandy. The quality of these soils along with the right climate helps this winery to produce great quality of grapes. 

In spite of the modern methods used in the winemaking process, this winery still uses traditional methods, wherever needed, to retain the authenticity of the wines. The wines crafted here do full justice to the colour, flavour and character of the grapes that are used to make them. Traditional, huge concrete vats are used for the vinification process in this winery.  You can enjoy the La Serre wines immediately after purchasing them or after some time. Details of decanting can be found on the bottles’ labels.

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