About Langmeil

Langmeil is one of the few wineries in the world that represent a rich, century-old heritage and modern winemaking traditions. Set up in 1842, in the wine-rich Barossa Valley, Langmeil Wines is a true representation of the rich potential of the wines and vines of the Barossa region. The sixth generation of the Linder Family takes care of the vineyards and production currently.

The flagship wine of this label is the Freedom 1843 Shiraz. From the name, you would have guessed that this wine is made from the Shiraz grapes planted in the world’s most ancient Shiraz vineyard, found in the Barossa region. The dark, rich and loamy soil filled with limestone and ironstone makes it one of the best-hidden treasures of the Barossa Valley. The Orphan Bank Shiraz Vineyard was replanted in 2006, and its history dates back to as early as 1860. This was the time when the Shiraz vines were planted in a tiny village of Tanuna, on the southern bank of the North Para River. The vines were taken from there and transplanted in the Barossa region when these 300+-year-old vines were about to be destroyed by a building developer.

The Jackman’s Cabernet Sauvignon and the Fifth Wave Grenache Vineyards are located in Lyndoch, towards the southern region of the Barossa Valley. Here, the oldest vine dates back to around 35 years. This is the place from where grapes are sourced for making the Old Vine Garden vines.

The Pure Eden Shiraz, Wattle Brae Riesling and High Road Chardonnay Vineyards are located in the Eden Valley. The oldest vines were planted in the 1890s here.

With each of its special wines coming from different parcels of vineyards like these, it is not surprising to know that the Langmeil Wines are unique and wonderful representations of the local terroirs.

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