Laurence & Rémi Dufaitre

Laurence & Rémi Dufaitre

About Laurence & Rémi Dufaitre

Rémi Dufaitre started purchasing vines around the Brouilly and Côte de Brouilly Crus in Beaujolais region back in 2006. He worked the land organically and sold the harvested grapes on. Once Rémi felt that the fruit had become higher quality, he started producing wine himself. He made and bottled his first vintage in 2010. 

Rémi, inspired by the icons of "natural" wines, produces wines using organic and low intervention methods in the classic carbonic method. Some carbon dioxide is added at the beginning of the whole bunch fermentation. Rémi does not use any temperature control. The final resulting wine is an easy drinking, light style of wine. 

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