Laurent Perrier

Laurent Perrier

About Laurent Perrier

Established in 1812, Laurent Perrier is a renowned Champagne house in France. Its history started with Alphonse Pierlot, a copper by profession. In 1812, he shifted from his village of origin named Chigny-les-Roses and moved to Tours-sur-Marne. There, he purchased two plots of land and began to produce champagne. In 1881, Alphonse handed over the operations and management of his Champagne house to Eugene Laurent, his cellar master. After that, Eugene ran it with Mathilde-Emilie Perrier, his wife. 

After Eugene passed away in 1887, his wife single-handedly oversaw all the work in the Champagne house. She combined her and her husband’s names to create the brand of Laurent Perrier. Under Mathilde-Emilie’s supervision and leadership, the business flourished and grew in scale exponentially. Following Mathilde-Emilie’s death, the Champagne house got passed on to Euginie Hortense Laurent, her daughter, in 1925. At that time, the business had to from the aftermath of the First World War. 

The expectation and presence of the Second World War on the horizon compelled Euginie to sell the business to Madame Marie Louise Lanson de Nonancourt. Marie expended considerable time, effort, and money behind Laurent Perrier and revived it to a magnificent level. She skillfully guided and saved the Champagne house throughout the Second World War, preventing it from shutting down. Later on, Bernard de Nonancourt, Marie’s second son, took over the business.  In 1949, he became the company’s owner and made Laurent Perrier one of the most notable and significant Champagne houses. The de Nonancourt family still owns a substantial part of the business. 

In recent times, the wines produced by Laurent Perrier deliver a unique sense of free spirit, passion, and creative boldness. Nevertheless, they retain their aspects of simplicity and elegance. In addition, the distinct qualities of the wines leave the drinkers seeking more.

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