Le Clos Jordanne

Le Clos Jordanne

About Le Clos Jordanne

The Le Clos Jordanne Winery is situated in Niagara which focuses on environmental conservation. Winery was established in 1998 and had several owners until recently.

Two winemakers, Thomas Bachelder and Donald Triggs, found Le Clos Jordanne with a passion for the popular wines – Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Notably, this put in a good name and reputation for the winery as it produced quality grapes that had its own identity. However, after years of successful operations, the winery was later sold off to the Jackson Family Wines in 2013.

Sustainable environment is one of the unique aspects of Le Clos Jordanne. The company plants cover crops such as fava beans that improve soil conditions for its organic grapes used in production of wines by means of natural methods such as composting and predator pests. The winery produces part of its own electricity through solar energy and has taken measures like conserving water to ensure minimal damage to the environment. Le Clos Jordanne has received several honours as a result of these practices.

Four different sites are home to the winery's vineyards which are characterised by differing microclimates and types of soils. Such a range of grape varieties used by Le Clos Jordanne enables them to make wines and express specific terroir of Niagara. The vineyards of the Winery can be found in both the Jordan and Twenty Mile Banches sub-approximations of the Niagara region that is characterised by a cool climate and limestone rich soils.

Besides sustainability, Le Clos Jordanne is associated with top quality wine production. The winery follows the classical tradition in processing their grapes, such as hand sorting the fruits and open top fermenting them in their process while still staying true to its provenance. In actual fact, the winery is recognised for winning awards including this year's Winery of the Year National Wine Awards in Canada.

In conclusion, Le Clos Jordanne is a very strong wine producer in relation to heritage plus sustainability and excellence of quality. It is among the best wine producers in Niagara for its eco-friendly ways of making and following the conventional wine making process. For lovers of wine and other unique encounters, this is something that cannot be forgotten.

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