Le Ragnaie

Le Ragnaie

About Le Ragnaie

Le Ragnaie, established in 2003, is one of Italy’s most reputed wineries. The wine estate had been established by the Campinoti family. Currently, it lies under the ownership of Jennifer and Riccardo Campinoti.

The estate of Le Ragnaie extends and expands over 28 hectares of land in Montalcino County in the Province of Siena. The winery owns three distinct plots or parcels over which its vineyards remain divided. It allows Le Ragnaie to produce wines having the qualities of three terroirs. The parcels include Petroso, Le Ragnaie, and Castelnuovo dell’Abate.

The vineyards of Le Ragnaie follow organic agricultural practices. The vines are purely Sangiovese and get cultivated and harvested with meticulous care and attention. On top of that, the workers and employees respect the land. It allows the winery to produce wines of the highest quality and standard. Le Ragnaie does not utilise any detrimental or harmful chemicals in its fields. It helps the vineyards and terroirs retain their natural character and attributes. In addition, the wine estate does not utilise any type or kind of fertiliser. However, Le Ragnaie uses powdered sulphur and a Bordeaux mixture. Nevertheless, their application remains within the guidelines and limits set and stated by the biological agriculture association.

Le Ragnaie uses cover crops within its vineyards and fields. It includes beneficial plants such as clovers, grasses, and legumes. Such an approach allows for the land’s regeneration after putting it through significant strain. On top of that, it enables the enrichment of the plot’s organic substances. It promotes superior nutrient absorption in the plants and vines planted in the parcels. In addition to that, the diversity in the vineyards facilitates water absorption in the soil. It allows for habitat for several insect and animal species. Furthermore, it prevents the erosion of the superficial soil layer.

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