Les Hauts de Milly

Les Hauts de Milly

About Les Hauts de Milly

Located in the region and province of Burgundy, Les Hauts de Milly is a renowned winery in France. The story and history of the wine estate began in 1959 when Monique and Bernard Defaix purchased two hectares of land in the area and ventured into vine-growing and wine-making in the plots.

They put in immense effort and hard work to grow the plantation and production scale of Les Hauts de Milly. It allowed them to expand and extend the winery to cover an expansive land of 27 hectares and 6 hectares and Chablis and Rully, respectively. In the late 1990s, Monique and Bernard’s sons, Didier and Sylvain Defaix, took over the management and ownership of Les Hauts de Milly. The two brothers divided the work amongst themselves, leaving Didier to manage the vineyards. On the other hand, Sylvain supervises the ageing and vinification processes. Today, Les Hauts de Milly also has the help and support of Hélène Jaeger-Defaix, Didier’s wife. She owns the Rully vineyards. On top of that, she guides and supervises the management and operations of the commercial aspects of the winery and domain.

The vineyards and plots owned by Les Hauts de Milly get farmed and handled using organic viticultural and cultivation techniques and methods. It remains per the organic certification the winery received in 2009. In addition, the wine estate incorporates and implements a biodynamic approach to its procedures and functioning. It, in turn, allows the parcels and terroirs of Les Hauts de Milly to retain their natural characteristics and attributes. Besides that, the region’s limestone-type soil promotes the growth and development of grapevines, irrespective of their variety.

The wines produced and sold by Les Hauts de Milly possess superior elegance and excellence, allowing them to pair well with a broad category and range of dishes.

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