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Li Veli

About Li Veli

The Masseria Li Veli Winery is located on the historic Messapian area on the Salento Plains of Italy. It was during 1858 that famous Italian economist Antonio de Viti de Marco discovered this place. His sole objective was to develop this area into a state-of-the-art cellar, which would make Italy proud. During 1999, the Falvo family, which had a wide experience in the business of wine-making, developed an interest in these vineyards and took control over the place. Thanks to the family’s single-minded determination and expertise, the place was renovated and it started a new wine culture in the region of Apulia.

The vineyards of Li Veli are spread over 33 hectares and the plantation is done in the settonce pattern – a pattern that was well-thought out and invented by the Roman military engineers. Thanks to this pattern, the roots of the vines are exposed to maximum soil exploitation. They are also well-exposed to the sun and air, thanks to which the fruits grown here are of great quality. 

The varieties of grapes grown in these vineyards are Negroamaro, Primitivo, Susumaniello, Malvasia Nera, Aleatico, Fiano and Verdeca. One of the trademark features of these vineyards is the high-density planting system. Around 5120 plants are grown per hectare; this helps in a better quality of fruits and easier cultivation process than before.

The wines are stored in huge cellars made of light-coloured stones. The capacity of these cellars is a whopping 10000 hectolitres. You will find steel vats and French oak barrels in these cellars. The air-conditioning is always maintained at 16 degrees, for best results.  For the fermentation process, the winery uses modernised and technologically advanced tanks. You will find 8 horizontally submerged cup vats and 10 vertical vessels with capacities of 125 and 130 hectolitres respectively. The wine-making, fermenting and storage of wines are then carried out exclusively by experts.

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