About Librandi

Librandi is a family-owned wine estate in Italy, and its history dates back to 1953. This was the time when Librani wines began to be bottled in a cellar located in Tirone, Ciro Marina. Small parcels in the Ciro Doc estate are used for planting vines to make these wines. These parcels include Olivitello, San Biase, Frassa and Feudo. The grapes processed here are Gagliopppo and Greco Bianco. In 1955, the family purchased the Ponta Estate, and spent the next few years expanding this estate.

After purchasing a few other small parcels, the family went on to acquire the huge plot in Strongoli. This place went on to become the official vineyard of the Arcidiaconato Estate, later. Many years later, in 2014, the Calabrian clone varietals got registered in the National Register of Vine Varieties, as a result of detailed research carried out in this parcel. In 1993, a small plot was selected on the Ponta Estate to conduct experiments and research. In a few years, the Librandi label became big enough to buy the Rosaneti Estate.

The ancient Greeks had named the territory, Enotria. However, today, we know the place as Calabria, known for producing some of Italy's most authentic wines. Nestled between two seas and with beautiful mountains in the background, Calabria is blessed with abundant natural extravaganza. The parcels of vineyards located close to the seas have unique soil qualities, and they are known to produce some of the intense-bodied grapes in this region. 

Val di Neto, the vineyard that has Lonian and Sila on either of the sides, is known for its biodiversity. Here, the sky and mountain touch each other, to reflect the true personality of the terroirs of the region. The wines are classified into different ranges based on the territory where the grapes are grown. They are IGT Calabria, Doc Crio, Doc Melissa and other small parcels.

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