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Lieu Dit Winery was established back in 2011 by Eric Railsback and Justin Willett two wine enthusiasts who shared a love for the art of winemaking and enjoyed trips to France together. The name "Lieu Dit," which means "said place" in French was chosen to reflect the winery’s dedication to grape varieties and its connection to the grapes of the Loire Valley. Throughout the years their commitment has remained steadfast in crafting balanced wines. They aim to highlight the flavours of each varietal while ensuring a blend of complexity and balance.

In their days Railsback and Willett embarked on their winemaking journey by sourcing grapes from vineyards in Santa Barbara County. Their mission was clear; create wines that capture the essence of the Loire Valley while showcasing California’s Central Coast terroir. With each vintage they refined their skills.

By 2014 Lieu Dit Winery had garnered a following among wine enthusiasts and critics alike. Their unwavering commitment to producing site driven wines that strike a balance has earned them accolades and an esteemed reputation. As demand soared, Railsback and Willett expanded production operations. They relocated to a facility, in Santa Maria.
Today Lieu Dit Winery continues pushing boundaries as they explore territories in winemaking.

Railsback and Willett are dedicated to creating wines that stay true to their roots while also embodying their approach whether through exploring fermentation methods or embracing biodynamic farming techniques.
Santa Barbara County has a suitable climate for cultivating grapes with flavours and lower sugar content. The vineyard benefits from micro climates and soils influenced by the ocean, which contribute to the distinctive qualities found in their wines.

What sets Lieu Dit Winery apart is their commitment to best practices. They prioritise producing top notch wines by employing eco techniques, such as sustainable and biodynamic methods for grape cultivation. This aligns with a growing trend in the California wine industry of embracing sustainability and viticulture.

Lieu Dit Winery boasts a vineyard that spans a large area in Santa Barbara County. This allows them to cultivate a variety of grapes carefully chosen to craft a selection of wines. By focusing on grape varieties from the Loire Valley and adhering to eco-friendly practices they create wines with distinct character.

Lieu Dit Winery’s dedication to showcasing the terroir of Californias Central Coast region is evident through their selection of grape varieties. Their primary focus lies on grapes, like Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc.
These grapes have a reputation, for their acidity and delightful fruit flavours that're a perfect match for the pleasant weather, in Santa Barbara County.

In addition, to the known grape varieties found in the Loire Valley Lieu Dit Winery also explores with known grapes like Melon de Bourgogne and Pineau d'Aunis. These unique grapes contribute character to the wines creating a complexity and surprising flavours.

Lieu Dit Winery has become a player in the California wine industry due to its history of sustainable farming practices and dedication to crafting balanced and refined wines.

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