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Lobster Reef

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On the coastline of Marlborough, there are rock lobsters that are brightly coloured. This is where the lobster reef got its name. There have always been in the area. The lobsters have a quirky nature which is a true reflection of what the wines at lobster reef are all about. The lobster reef is located a short distance from Blenheim township. Most vineyards are on the flatland, but others are at higher slope elevations. The climate is cool, but there are extended hours of sunshine. Summer and spring witness hot, windy weather. The environment is dry, but it receives modest rainfall. The soil structures are tight, which allows low-vigour varieties. 

The lobster reef was founded by the Brown family. The Brown family is also responsible for Cape Campbell Wines. They joined the wine industry in Marlborough back in 1980. At first, they were grape growers and supplied their products to other companies, which would then process and make wine. They decided to own a company in the year 1992 and therefore stopped supplying grapes. In 2002, the Brown family purchased a land block situated in the Blind River sub-region with Marlborough. This is where cape Campbell was born, and it continued expanding over time. 

The lobster reef is one of the most outstanding estates in New Zealand. The estate celebrates one of the most rugged and unique coasts, only a short distance from the vineyard. The home vineyard is made up of some 200 acres of well-established wines that were planted in the year 2002. The lobster reef also sources more grapes from some loyal growers that supply on a contract basis. The fruits used are of high quality, allowing consistent wine to be produced every time. This consistency has given Lobster Reef the reputation it has today.

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