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Lockwood Vineyard

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The three founders of Lockwood Vineyard, Butch Lindley, Paul Toeppen, and Phil Johnson, originally introduced this initiative in 1989 with the thought that exceptional estate-made wines might be created with the right vineyard setting and fine winemaking. After determining that the 1,850-acre plot was ideal for cultivating quality fruits, the three partners, who together have nearly ninety years of vineyard managerial experience, initially planted the San Lucas Winery. The pioneering energy, tradition, and unique position in the history of American winemaking are all embodied in the Lockwood wines. Lockwood Vineyard is still committed to producing top-notch estate-grown wines underneath the different regimes of Boisset Family Estates. 

The particular vineyard is one of the biggest prime estate vineyards on a global scale. It is located in an isolated place at the foot of the Santa Lucia mountainous region. The Geological Survey in America recognised the San Lucas Vineyard's special soil. Today, it can only be obtained in the Vineyard of San Lucas and a section of coastal cliffs close to Big Sur. The "Shaly Loam" is made mostly of crumbled, chalk- and limestone-like fossilized seashells. The vines are constrained and have to fight hard to survive in this homogenous soil, which extends down to depths of more than twenty feet. This soil's water drainage and increased vine stress produce grapes with shape and intricacy. Presently, the vineyard is still committed to making great wines that are a representation of the vast Central Coast, its varied terrain, and its cold climate.  

Sustainability is not a strange notion at Lockwood Vineyard. Every method is used in this vineyard, including natural vine cultivation that does not utilise synthetic pesticides, along with soil enhancement and crop fertilization using organic matter that is actively decomposing. It's crucial to avoid insects with the support of natural predators or barriers and remove weeds, which are mostly accomplished by mulching and cultivation. This helps to produce grapes that taste better and are more nutrient-dense. The grapes are finally harvested to produce the finest wine at a good price while upholding all the green initiatives.

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