Lucien Crochet

Lucien Crochet

About Lucien Crochet

The history of Lucien Crochet runs for three generations. It starts with the wine-growing business and legacy of Lucien Picard and André Crochet. In the early 1950s, the two remained invested in growing grapevines and producing wines. Lucien served as a pioneer of Sancerre wine bottling in the region and selling them in Paris. Later on, André’s son, Lucien Crochet, merged the two estates that the previous generation remained related to and combined them. He developed a network and relationships with various restaurants spread all across Paris. Naturally, several export markets came up to follow him. 

In recent times, Lucien Crochet gets run by Lucien Crochet and Laurence, his wife. Laurence is the daughter of another renowned Sancerre grower. In addition, their son, Gilles, also helps them in their endeavour. The three put their ideas together to create new and executable plans that can bring the winery to higher levels of quality and fame. They add their unique approaches and styles to the wines and strive to maintain the long-standing history of the estate and the domaine. 

The vineyards owned by Lucien Crochet spread across and cover an extensive area of approximately 35 hectares. Out of them, 26 hectares of land remain dedicated for the plantation and cultivation of the grapes varieties of Sauvignon Blanc. On the other hand, 9 hectares remain assigned for planting Pinot Noir. 

The grapevines grown by Lucien Crochet are of the highest quality. It can get owed to the exceptional standard of the soil of the vineyards. It is of a calcareous clay rock type with a mix of Kimmeridgian or Oxfordian subsoil. The parcels lie at the south, west, or east-facing slopes and remain at an optimum altitude. It allows the grapevines to receive the beneficial elements and aspects from the surroundings and nature.

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