Luis Seabra Vinhos

Luis Seabra Vinhos

About Luis Seabra Vinhos

Luis Seabra Vinhos was started in 2013 by Luis Seabra, with the mission to let the world know about the place the wines came from. The wines from Luis Seabra Vinhos are crafted with minimum intervention, with due respect given to its nature and character. Luis Seabra Vinhos seeks to create unique wines that reflect the nature of their soil, the altitudes and exposures, and their similarities and differences. 

Luis Seabra Vinho produces the famous lines of wine named Vinho Verde and Douro. Vinho Verde line has the famous Granito Cru wines, which are made with the 500-year-old vinification method of fermenting wine in old wood casks where they stay till bottling. The process is so meticulous that the wine will be available for sale only after seven years. 

The Douro line of wines comprises the Xisto Cru and Xisto Ilimitado, which goes well with dishes filled with mushrooms and truffles, lamb meat, and grilled meat. The production of the Douro line is a story in itself. The grapes used in the wine come from an 80-year-old vineyard in Covas du Duoro, set at an altitude of 400m and facing west; and another 80-year-old vineyard in Ervedosa do Duoro at an altitude of 570m and facing north. The Ruffete, Touriga Franca, Alicante Bouschet E Donzelinho Tinto and Malvasia Preta are the types of grapes used in the Douro line of Xisto Ilimitado. The Xisto Cru line of wines uses the same types of grapes like the Xisto Ilimitado and other variants like Tinta Carvalha. The wines have the touch of experience of Luis Seabra, who had worked in the Douro region for years before venturing into the wine-making business. 

The Xisto Cru wine is made from grapes from two specific plots with minimal intervention. The wine is fermented with indigenous yeast open vats of old Port wine barrels, while French Oak barrels are used for ageing. Wines made only till 2014 are available for sale, while those made in 2015 and 2016 are still in the ageing stage. Moreover, the Xisto Ilimitado wine made in 2014 is currently available for sale- an indicator of the quality of wine produced. 

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