About Lutum

Born from a vision shared between Gavin Chanin and Bill Price, Lutum evolved due to a collaboration between the two talented individuals. Price is an entrepreneur and a veteran in the wine industry. He is the owner of Classic Wines and Price Family Vineyards. Additionally, he is the co-owner of Kistler Vineyards, Three Stick Wines, and Buccella. As the up-and-coming leader of the California winemakers, Chanin trained the art of winemaking under Qupé’s Bob Lindquist and Au Bon Climat’s Clendenen. He travelled expansively throughout the renowned winemaking regions of Italy and France. In 2007, Chanin launched his company Chanin Wine. He did it intending to produce wines in a more elegant and restrained style. Together, the two are also known as the Bards of Lutum. 

The partnership between Price and Chanin began in 2011 after they met and shared several passionate conversations on vineyards at the In Pursuit of Balance. The word “Lutum” is of Latin origin meaning soil or dirt. It signifies their desire to make wines without concealing the natural character of the vineyards. The winery aims to produce small-scale productions and single-vineyards of Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from a prime collection of unique vineyards sites along the Central Coast of California. 

The vineyards owned by Lutum lie in a refreshing climatic region or zone and enjoys an optimum temperature that supports the growth of the grapevines. The clay loam soil provides the plants with the maximum nutrients, ensuring a high quality of the wines they make.

The wines produced by Lutum possess and proffer an unmistakable and undeniable fruit profile that is indigenous to California. They have a balanced flavour of acidity, texture, and tannin structure loved by people all across the globe. With their tempting aroma and exhilarating mouthfeel, they make for an excellent drinking experience.

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