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M. Chapoutier

About M. Chapoutier

Maison M Chapoutier is an attractive French winery that emphasises the terroirs where the fruits are cultivated. This label's history dates back to 1808, when the area for establishing it was created in L'Hermitage in Tain. The ownership of this House changed over the next few years, before it finally came under the control of Rodolphe Delepine in 1883. In 1897, Marius Chapoutier joined hands with Delepine to establish the company, Delepine et Chapoutier. The wines made by this company were of top-notch quality. They began to export these wines to countries like Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

After Delepine's retirement, the company underwent a name change, and it became to be known as Chapoutier et Cie. The wine house saw a significant achievement in 1929 when the M Chapoutier winery was set up, right at the foothills of the Hermitage Hills. After Marius's death, his sons took over the management of the company. So new techniques, including biodynamic farming, were introduced here, despite the winemaking team sticking to the traditional viticultural practices that were followed many centuries ago.

In 1998, this brand made its mark on foreign soils, when it purchased a winery in Australia. They kept on expanding vine production and in 2009, they had to set up a new production facility in Tain to meet the demands. Today, a young brigade of expert and passionate winemakers, who work hard to make this a trusted name in the French wine market, carries the Chapoutier legacy forward. Some of the domaines that come under the ownership of the M Chapoutier Wine House are:

  • Domaine de Bila-Haut in Latour de France
  • Dominio del Soto in Duero Valley in Spain
  • Castle of the Ferrages at the foothills of the Sainte-Victoire Mountains
  • Dos Lusiadas in Portugal
  • Domaine Roc Folassiere in Cotes-du-Rhone Valley
  • Schieferkopf in Alsace
  • Tournon domain in Australia
  • Domaine Saint-Etienne in Montfrin
  • Trenel in Burgundy

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