About Mahi

Mahi, the New-Zealand based wine brand, is a perfect example of the rich winemaking potential of the lands of the exquisite Marlborough Valley. Brian, who established this brand, came back to this valley in 1996, after many years of winemaking in different parts of the world. To his dismay, he noticed that there weren’t many labels in New Zealand that made full use of the rich terroirs of Marlborough; instead, they were only making regional blends that didn’t talk much about the soils where the fruits were grown.

This gave rise to the Mahi brand of wines. In the local dialect, Mahi means “our work, our craft.” Brian created this brand to make the world know that his wines were created by passionate people to reflect the depth & complexity of the Marlborough region. He started on a small scale, but today, he uses grapes grown from some of the best parcels of the region to produce unique wines that are full of character.

The vineyards where grapes for Mahi Wines are grown are:

  • Boundary Farm – Perry and Stephanie Gilbert own this vineyard that is located at the boundary of the Blenheim Township
  • Byrne Vineyard – Located towards the west corner of the Wairau Valley, this vineyard is well-suited for Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir
  • Cook Vineyard – Small Chardonnay parcel of vineyard owned by Bruce and Beverley Cook
  • Francis Vineyard – Located in the tropical zone of the Wairau Valley, this vineyard is known for producing ripe and full-bodied fruits
  • Twin Valleys Vineyard – Located at the intersection point of the Waihopai and Wairau Valleys, this vineyard is known for producing clones of Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer
  • Wardworth Vineyard – Located in the Rapaura region, this vineyard is well-suited for growing the Sauvignon Blanc varietal
  • Ward Farm Vineyard – Located towards the extreme south of the Marlborough appellation this vineyard has an excellent cool climate that is ideal for growing Sauvignon Blanc

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