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Main Divide

About Main Divide

Established in 1994 by the Donaldson family, Main Divide is a renowned winery that serves as the second brand and level after Pegasus Bay. The wine estate gets dedicated as a tribute and homage to the mountain range located on the Southern Alps in New Zealand. The winery’s logo and the name come from the range’s local name Main Divide. 

Since the beginning, the Donaldson family has aimed to create and produce high-quality wines. They wish for it to reflect the standards of unspoiled purity, vigour, and freshness along with the benefits of the refreshing and cold southern climate. In addition to that, they strive to retain the individual varietal and regional character in each wine. The Donalsdon family incorporates these beliefs and objectives in the processes employed in Main Divide. 

The vineyards owned by Main Divide limit their area and scope of production to North Canterbury. It allowed the winery to use the high-quality soil of the region. It ranges from stone and clay to gravel with high mineral content. It permits the planted grapevines to grow amidst appropriate drainage. 

The region enjoys warm and sunshine-filled days and crisp and fresh nights. The microclimate enables perfect ripening and maturation. Hence, the fruits retain a natural and balanced acid level. 

Main Divide’s philosophy remains based on harmony and individuality. That is why the winery produces vibrant and distinctive wines having integrated, harmonious, and lively flavours. Moreover, the drinks express the qualities and characters of the land of origin. For that reason, the winery implements natural methods in all its processes that require minimal human intervention. Moreover, Main Divide has incorporated various organic techniques, sustainable practices, and innovative approaches. 

Main Divide aspires to capture and deliver its vineyard’s unique flavours and distinctive expressions. It strives to do so through its wines.

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