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Maison de Montille

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The family's history may be traced back to Créancey in the Auxois area in the seventeenth century. The vineyards were established in the mid-1700s and renamed to de Montille considerably later. Following then, the family Domaine had been diminished to its smallest amount of just 12 acres due to the selling of the grape fields. Gradually, the ancestors had been destroying the work of their ancestors until Hubert stopped it. He abandoned selling land with the start of his first crop in 1947. In the wine industry, Domaine Hubert de Montille left his imprint. Eventually, his son Étienne de Montille joined the company in 1983 and ultimately took control in 1990.

Now, their estate spans more than 35 hectares and consists mostly of Premier and Grand Cru vineyards, primarily in the Côte de Beaune, with an annual production of 8 000 cases spread across around 40 distinct appellations. One of the few in Burgundy, this estate specializes in both red and white wines. When it comes to making wine, all their grapes are hand-harvested. They can tune the presses to match the quality of the berries and the vintage profile, thanks to pneumatic presses. Most of the musts are put into 600-litre and 228-litre barrels after a brief settling process. This is where the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation processes take place.

The Domaine made the transition to organic viticulture in 20 years (1995–2005). Because of the lengthy certification procedure, 2011 was the initial vintage to be certified. The domaine switched to compost in 1985 and ceased using artificial fertilisers. When they stopped using chemical pesticides and fungicides in 1995, they made a significant improvement after effectively clearing the soils of fertilisers within the first three years. They gradually added manure and organic compost to the soil every autumn to enhance the structure. This gave the soil a second chance to breathe by re-oxygenating it

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