About Majella

One of the most renowned little Australian vineyards is Majella Wines. Some of the top wines in the region are made at this family-run winery in South Australia. Five generations of the Lynn family have lived in the Penola-Coonawarra region, working first as blacksmiths and store owners and then as graziers. On the land that their family had bought in 1960, Anthony and Brian Lynn began establishing a vineyard there in 1968. At that time, the land was being used for the production of premium lamb, but it was decided to plant vineyards on a gorgeous "terra rossa" bank in front of the farm. The vines eventually reached a size of 148 acres. Four members of the next generation, who will be in charge of maintaining the business in the future, have started working for the company. 

The grapes used to produce the world-famous Majella wines are cultivated on the Majella estate surrounding the vineyard. Between 1968 and 1974, a total of 98 hectares were planted. The remaining crops were sown in the years 1989 through 1996. Moreover, the soils of the Coonawarra wine area are unique and are referred to as "terra rossa" (meaning "red earth"). Hardly more than 20 kilometres long and only a few km wide, the Coonawarra "terra Rossa" creates a long, linear shape. The vineyards are located on the eastern side of this renowned "red strip," which is recognised as one of the best soils to grow vines in the world. 

The way in which the vineyards are managed goes hand in hand with sustainability. They have won many awards, demonstrating their dedication to organic farming. Majella is always working to reduce its environmental impact. One of their most recent attempts to sustain their energy usage involves substantial solar power expansion. Also, they have a system set up to store rainwater, which helps them in limiting their water intake. Also, their wines are vegan-friendly.

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