About Mandrarossa

Mandrarossa wines are unique Sicilian wines that are symbolized by a rich heritage and winemaking culture. Located in the south western Sicilian coast, Mandrarossa vineyards are blessed with a rich microclimate and fertile soils that help to bring the best out of the Menfi and Terre Sicane territories in Italy. As a wine lover, you would love to taste the wines crafted from the full-bodied grapes grown here. This is because there are diverse types of soils here, with limestone being the most dominant variety of them all.

The winemakers take extreme care in ensuring that the grapes are grown in a 100% natural environment here, thereby helping to retain the full flavours and aroma of the fruit. There are quite a few territories in the Mandrarossa region, where the vines are cultivated carefully to produce high-quality and authentic Sicilian wines. The vineyards can be found at:

Cote d’Afrique - This is the Menfi region, located on the south western coast of Sicily. Blessed with an abundance of flora & fauna and excellent climatic condition, these vineyards are perfect for growing high-yielding, fresh and fruity grapes.

Seaside Vineyards - Located in the southern part of Sicily, this region has an excellent winemaking heritage to boast of. The high-altitude vines, along with the beautiful microclimatic conditions, help in growing different types of grape varietals. This area is rightly called the Paradise of Terroirs, because of its unique terroir quality.

Coast of Dunes - Containing strong African qualities, this desert terroir’s dry climate is perfect for cultivating three white wine grape varietals – Grecanico, Grillo and Nero d’Avola.

There are other popular vineyards in the Mandrarossa region, namely, Sud, Menfishire, Secret Garden and the like. Wine tourism is one of the most successful income-generating businesses in Sicily. Many wine collectors and connoisseurs across the globe come to Sicily to enjoy the diverse terroirs of this place and enjoy the unique wines crafted here.

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