Marco Felluga

Marco Felluga

About Marco Felluga

The origin of this winery dates back to 1860. Michelle Felluga was the first generation who started the wine-making process. Following that, the second generation expanded the business across the Gulf of Trieste. Around 1924, Giovanni Felluga, who was the third generation, moved to Grado, where he developed the wine trade even further. In 1956 Marco Felluga founded the company with his name in the Collio region. Later he established another winery by the name of 'Russiz Superiore'. Robert Felluga, the fifth generation in charge of this company today, has carried on his father's legacy by managing the two wineries that Marco started.

Located directly between the Julian Prealps in Italy and the Adriatic Sea, the Collio is a unique region. It is perfect for growing a wide variety of grape species, both domestic and foreign, due to its specific temperature and unrepeatable soil, known as "Flysh" (in Italian), which features the strata of marl and sandstone. Well over 65 million years ago, during the Eocene epoch, Russiz Superiore was the location of a coral reef, remnants of which may still be seen. Due to the mountains' shelter and the area's closeness to the ocean (30 km), the climate is pleasant, with cold evenings, warm spring days, and mild, delicate summers. These elements all work together to make the finest wine available out there.

Roberto Felluga has consistently based his work and methodology on sustainability; he has adopted advanced procedures with the goal of producing high-quality wines with minimal environmental impact to show his respect for the land and history. In line with this attitude, they regularly engage in eco-friendly practices, evidenced by their VIVA Certification. They have taken steps to protect their vines and the ecology of Collio using integrated pest management, ozone, and natural fertilizers. Their behaviour demonstrates that every decision they make aims to protect the environment and ultimately build a circular economy.

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