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Marco Marengo

About Marco Marengo

The Marco Marengo estate was a Marengo family establishment in 1899. The current owner is Marco Marengo, who handles its management with jenny and Stefano, his wife and son; Stefano is a wine technician. The estate vineyards lie on 6 hectares of land. In le Brunate, the estate has 1.2 hectares and another hectare in Bricco delle Viole. Both vineyards have been with the family for 5 generations. In 1974 the first le brunate was bottled. Barolo Bricco Viole had the first Vintage bottled in 1997. Marco is an extraordinary winemaker, and he started in La Morra town in a small cellar. A new cellar was later established, and the first Vintage was vinified in 2011. 

One of the philosophies that Marco uses as a guide is respecting whatever he gets from his vineyards. He values working in the vines more than working in his cellar. Marco uses natural agricultural practices. This includes grass cover on aisles, hand tending the vineyards except for topping, and using cover and sulphur base products only when spraying. He has vineyards on a Barbera d'Alba, a Dolcetto d'Alba, a Nebbiolo d'Alba, and La Morra from where he makes Barolo base aged in French oak for 10 months. He also makes Barolo Riserva. Marco and Jenny are passionate about wine, and their son is now part of the team, and together, they aim to make the best wine. The wine made yearly is about 35000 bottles spread over the different types of wines. 

Marco Marengo makes use of modern techniques to make wine. This is to say that the wine is aged in small Barrique or steel tanks. The maceration and fermentation processes take 5-6 days, after which small oak casks are used to age it. The only wine not passed through wood is Dolcetto. Caravaggio's vineyard was initially the property of Jenny's family. This area has been expanded now. 

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