Martha Stoumen Wines

Martha Stoumen Wines

About Martha Stoumen Wines

Founded and established in 2014, Martha Stoumen Wines is a one-woman, self-funded winemaker and grower company and project-based in Northern California. The winery originated from Martha Stoumen’s desire to remake and recapture a winemaking and farming culture of patience that has long faded away from the world.    

In the initial stages of the company’s establishment, Martha began to explore the breezy and warm regions that would provide an ideal and optimal environment for the growth of grapevines. In her pursuit of land, she found dedicated and talented workers. They included farmers who grew grapes from the Suisun Valley, Mendocino County’s Ukiah area and Contra Costa County. She works and makes wines together with them to this date. Additionally, the winery owner found two conventionally planted and dry vineyards. She now leases them to farmers in exchange for 25% of the total production from the lands. 

The vineyards owned by Martha Stoumen Wines get utilized for growing grapevines that can create a balanced and joyful flavour of the wine. The workers do not use and apply any herbicides, pesticides or chemical substances that can kill the natural quality and microbiology of the soil. It can be because these parameters are the very things assisting and promoting adequate plant nutrition and flavour in the grapes. The company believes in farming for the health of the soil and the longevity of the grapevines. That is why they implement sustainable farming methods, such as using predatory insects to kill pests. 

The produced drinks get made from unexpected elements that have the boldness to offer a new take on the Californian classics. As such, the flavours and blends of the wine may change yearly. However, the winery’s desire to deliver the uncomplicated pleasure and satisfaction of natural wine is the only factor that remains consistent. 

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