Martín Códax

Martín Códax

About Martín Códax

The Galician Winery of Martin Codax was established only in 1986; it is one of the newest to have arrived in the Spanish wine market. However, within a short time, this brand has been successful in giving global recognition to the unique Albarino grape varietal that it uses for creating its premium wines. Set in the scenic Spanish fishing village of Cambados, the Martin Codax winery is located in the serene Salnes Valley towards the northwest of Pontevedra.

This winery produces three brands of wines – Codax, Burgans and Organistrum. All of these use 100% Albarino grape varietal. For those who are unfamiliar to this varietal, it is one that is closely related to the more common Riesling varietal. This grape variety is considered to be Spain’s pride.

One of the best features of the Martin Codax brand is that their vineyards reflect their true culture. Small lots of vineyards, using the traditional system of emparrado, are maintained using a blend of traditional and innovative cultivation techniques. Before the handpicked grapes are sent for harvesting, they are neatly packed in crates of 20kg each, so that they stay safe from friction and damages.

After the grapes are de-stemmed carefully, they are exposed to a neumatic press to extract the juice. Fermentation is done in huge stainless steel vats. After this initial stage, the grapes again undergo malolactic fermentation for the silky texture and less acidic flavour of the ultimate beverage that you enjoy. There is a separate barrel cellar which is used for fermenting the Organistrum brand of wines that Martin Codax brand produces. French Allier oak barrels are used for fermenting these wines.

In the Cambados village, the soils are very deep and are rich in sand and minerals. The perfect Atlantic type of climate favours the production of the special Albarino grape in this area. This fruit ripens early and is known for lingering, sweet taste.

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