About Masciarelli

Established in 1981, Masciarelli originated from the entrepreneurial institution set up by Gianni Masciarelli. The winery’s history begins with the founder’s business ventures in the region at that time. Ever since he got invested in the line of vine growing and winemaking, three things have never left his side. They are his love for the land, his wife, and his family. 

Marina Cvetic, Gianni’s wife, started her unique line and brand of wines inspired by the charisma and ambition of her husband. She worked without any guidance, supervision, or interference and decided all by herself what and how to produce. For that reason, Masciarelli is akin to a family composed of two distinct yet inseparable bodies. It makes the winery unique and flexible in its operations and working. 

Today, Masciarelli remains one of the most symbolic wineries of the region. It can get owed to the founder’s profound personality. Even after his death, his marvellous wines and insightful words remain. The winery serves as a symbol and representation of Italian wine. Nevertheless, it was always the protagonist of numerous achievements and success stories of Abruzzo’s wine production. The heart of Masciarelli lies in the Chieti province at San Martino sulla Marrucina. The winery possesses olive groves and vineyards in all the four provinces of Abruzzo, extending over 320 hectares. 

All the activities of Masciarelli that ensue in the vineyards can get associated with the Earth. The workers maintain the delicate balance and natural quality of the land and environment when tending to the fields. The winery has implemented various techniques and practices to protect the non-reliable aspect of the ecosystem. They operate on an optimised system of resources to prevent any detrimental effect on nature. As such, the wines produced by Masciarelli carry with them a unique value and morality.

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