Masi Tupungato

Masi Tupungato

About Masi Tupungato

If you are looking for highly concentrated and aromatic wines from Argentina, you should try the ones from the Masi Tupungato label. This is one of the best brands that will give you the most authentic flavour of grapes such as Malbec and Torrontes. This label also makes wines from the less-common indigenous grapes such as Corvina and Pinot Grigio from the Venetian regions.

Masi, the Italian company, which was established in Valpolicella in 1772, founded this label in Argentina. The company realised that the climate, soil and other terroir qualities in the Tupungato Valley of Argentina matched exactly what was found back home in Veneto.

One of the highlights that you will notice in Masi Tupungato wines is their similarity to the class and elegance found in the wines made in Veneto, Italy. The main reason for this similarity is because Masi makes its wines using the appassimento technique, a process typically followed in the Veneto region. In this process, the grapes are allowed to dry out during the winters to improve their concentration and aroma.

Today, the wines made here have an Argentinian soul and Venetian style, much to the delight of the wine lovers. The vineyards witness a lot of care and respect for the land, because Masi’s philosophy has always been to create an eco-sustainable reality. Since 2015, this label has also been producing three organic wines such as the following:

  • Passo Doble – Made from Malbec and Corvina varietals; highly aromatic varietals grown in the Tupuganto Estate in the Mendoza region.
  • Corbec – Classy but stylish red wine made from Malbec and Corvina varietals; fruits grown in the La Arboleda Estate using the appassimento technique.
  • Passo Blanco – Made from Pinot Grigio and Torrontes varietals; Aromatic grapes grown in the Tupungato Estate in the Mendoza region are used for this making this wine.

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