Matias Riccitelli

Matias Riccitelli

About Matias Riccitelli

When you make a list of some of the best wines from Argentina, Riccitelli wines will definitely find a place in it. Matias Riccitelli grew up in one of the premium wine regions of the world, Mendoza, in Argentina. This was where he grew passionate about the art of winemaking. Later, he learnt the tricks of the trade from reputed wineries across his country. He started his own wine label in the year 2009, powered by this knowledge that he had gathered during the previous years.

The Riccitelli Winery, located Las Compuertas, is one of the tallest in Argentina, as it is located at an altitude of 1100m above sea level. There are 20 hectares of old vineyards here. Along with these, the brand also works with other small winegrowers in the neighbourhood. The grapes produced by other vineyards at the base of the Andes Mountains, such as Chacayes, Gualtallary, Altamira and La Carrera, are also used for producing the wines under this label.

The vineyards at Las Compuertas are blessed with sand and clay-rich alluvial soil. The cool nights of the place and its height help to produce fruits with natural acidity. Malbec varietal is grown here mostly.

The Vistalba estate is where this brand has rented a 100-year old Bonarda vineyard, which is rich in clayey and rocky soil. Highly concentrated grape varietals are grown here. At the Gualtallary Estate, you will find 20 hectares of vineyards, with a diverse range of soil quality and climatic conditions. At the Altamira vineyards, the fruits grown have high minerality because of the rich limestone content in the soils.

The vineyards at La Carrera have unique climatic conditions because of their location and climate. Located on the banks of the Chupasangral River, the alluvial soil of these vineyards makes it ideal for growing Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir varietals.

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