About Matošević

Thanks to the winemaking passion and interest of Ivica Matosevic, Croatian wines have earned a name for themselves in the global wine market today. Matosevic wines are grown in the wine-rich Istrian regions located towards the north of the Mediterranean Coast. At the 45th parallel, you can see the Matosevic Winery, which is quite popular, because of its strategic location.

It was his pure passion towards winemaking that led Ivica Matosevic to set up his own brand and winery in 1996. It was in the Kruncici Village of Istria that Ivica first started to give wings to his dreams. His brand focuses on white wines, specifically the varietals of Malvasia and Chardonnay. Apart from putting Croatia on the global wine map, Ivica also became popular because of his innovative winemaking methods. Using acacia instead of oak barrels for maturing Malvasia wines is considered to be one of his most innovative techniques to date.

The grapes for Matosevic Wines are cultivated in two vineyards. The first one is in Bujstina, located towards the northwest of Istria. It is spread across 15 hectares and it is the main and more popular vineyard than the second. Here, Ivica has partnered with some of the local winegrowers to produce fresh and intense grapes, especially the Malvasia varietal.  The wines from this region are sold under the label of Alba.

The second vineyard is located in the central part of Istria, quite close to the Grimalda region. This vineyard is spread across 10 hectares and accounts for almost half of the total wines created by this company. This is the region from where the popular Grimalda wines are created under the Matosevic brand. While the Buje vineyards are old, the ones at Grimalda are quite new. However, both have received quite a few awards for their top quality of terroirs and the intensity of the fruits they produce.

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