Mazzei - Zisola

Mazzei - Zisola

About Mazzei - Zisola

The story of Zisola remains closely knit with the Mazzei family. The history of the Mazzei family starts in associated with Tuscan wine production and the wine dynasty of Florentine. In 2003, the family initiated and established an ambitious yet exceedingly successful winemaking project in Noto town. It gave rise to the winery named Zisola. The Mazzei family recognised the latent talent and potential of the land that thrived in rich culture, charm, and antiquity. 

The site of Zisola was famous for its vineyards and baroque buildings. In 2003, Lapo Mazzei and Francesco and Filippo, his two sons, visited the land and identified what remained hidden. They gradually started adding value to the then-worthless plot of land located in the Syracuse province. 

The vineyards of Zisola have exceptionally calcareous skeletal soils. They promote and enhance the quality of the planted grapevines. On top of that, the microclimate of the area or region is highly beneficial to the plants. It features a significant difference in temperature between the hot day and the cold night. Moreover, the warm summers extend for a considerable amount of time. It aids in the slow ripening and maturation of the grapes that provide a juicy, aromatic, flavourful, and plump nature to them. In addition, the mild and refreshing sea breezes soften the temperature peaks and help maintain an optimum condition for the growth of the grapevines. 

The estate owned by Zisola covers about 50 hectares of land. Out of them, 21 hectares remain assigned for growing grapevines. Different trees such as almond, citrus, and olive remain planted between the vines. They lie at specific distances and intervals. The vineyards lie on a gently sloping parcel situated at an approximate spacing of 130 meters above mean sea level. Furthermore, they have west to south-west facing or exposure.

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