Merry Edwards

Merry Edwards

About Merry Edwards

Merry Edwards is a highly renowned winery located in California, established in 1997. It is a joint venture of winemaker Merry Edwards and Ken Coopersmith, her husband. The winery’s journey began when Merry visited her home in the Russian River Valley. It allowed her to explore the region’s pockets, hollows, slopes, and hills. During her adventures and surveys, she discovered various small sites. These plots had hidden potential. They could produce superior-quality grapes with the appropriate farming techniques and grapevine varieties. 

In 1997, Merry transformed the property she explored and turned it into a business undertaking. It allowed for the birth of the winery. Merry chose a few Pinot Noir grape varieties from the Russian River Valley to plant in the Coopersmith Vineyard. The couple gained the necessary experience and knowledge from their past as a guest, invited to various other wineries. 

By 2007, Merry Edwards turned their total harvest and grape yield into production inside the winery. In 2008, the estate opened its doors to visitors. Two years later, Merry Edwards expanded to accommodate and house the growing demand for the Sauvignon Blanc wines. It came up due to the exponential success of the variety’s barrel-fermentation approach and program. 

The vineyards owned by Merry Edwards are some of the best of the appellation of the Russian River Valley. The parcels experience and enjoy the ‘dramatic’ diurnal variation of the region. It promotes and facilitates the slow ripening and maturation of the grapes.  The closeness of the Pacific Ocean allows for significant temperature swings. In addition, it produces refreshing and cold wind currents and persistent morning fog. They are highly beneficial for the growth of the grapevines. Overall, the wines produced by Merry Edwards are an intricate combination and blend of scientific training, grace, spirit, lasting impression, and artistic vision.

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